When Does Walmart Restock?


Walmart restocks electronics, groceries, and other types of products throughout the day. Most groceries are stocked during the night.

To check if your Walmart has a particular product in stock, use the Walmart mobile app.

If you would like to shop according to the Walmart restocking schedule, you will have the best results if you shop early in the morning.


Well, because most groceries are restocked during the night so there will fewer products out of stock in the morning when Walmart opens.

Walmart does, however, also restock products throughout the day.


Walmart does not have a strict restocking schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Walmart Restock Day

When does Walmart restock groceries?

Most Walmart stores restock groceries every night. Some stores may also restock throughout the day.

When does Walmart restock electronics?

Walmart usually restocks electronics at night as well.

When does Walmart restock other products?

Mostly throughout the day. Most products are restocked before lunch.

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