Walmart Discount Card Guide

If you’re a Walmart associate, you enjoy a ten percent discount on all regularly priced merchandise and fresh food. That is possible by using your Walmart discount card, both at stores and on, the company’s official website.

Here’s what you need to know about the Walmart Associate Discount Card:

  • You are eligible to receive the discount card after 91 days of employment.
  • Your spouse will also receive one, despite not being associated with Walmart.
  • You don’t need to apply for the card. It’s automatically ordered and delivered through the mail.
  • Your unmarried child (if younger than 19) can borrow and use the card.
  • Your unmarried child (younger than 22 and a full-time student) can borrow and use the card.
  • If you get married after already being employed, you can order a card for your spouse.
  • If you get divorced, you’ll need to manually cancel your ex-spouse’s card online.

Walmart also suggests following these rules as part of their best practice tips for using the discount card:

  • Do not lend the card to anyone that isn’t authorized for the discount provided by it.
  • Even if you are associated, you shouldn’t use another’s associate card to shop.
  • Don’t shop for others to use the discount for them.
  • Do not purchase discounted items to resell them.

You should also know which items aren’t available for a discounted purchase to avoid confusion later on:

  • Grocery items that aren’t fresh produce
  • Eye exams in the vision centers
  • Gasoline purchases
  • Items purchased for charitable events
  • Sale, clearance, or marked-down items
  • Items purchased using a tax-exemption ID number
  • Items bought for company use.

Your Walmart Discount Card can also become a Long-Term Service Discount Card. There currently isn’t public info available regarding how long your service to the company needs to be, but once you reach the milestone, Walmart’s system automatically converts your current card into the “upgraded” version.

This means you can keep using your card even after leaving the company.

Last but not least, if you ever lose your Walmart Discount Card, the company strongly advises you to tell your personnel representative and order a replacement card using the online form.

Enjoy using your Walmart Discount Card!

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