Does Walmart Refill Or Exchange Propane Tanks?

Walmart offers a wide range of propane tanks for sale, from various brands such as Coleman, Flame King, AmeriGas, and Blue Rhino.

However, Walmart doesn’t refill propane tanks, so you cannot bring an old, empty one from your household and get a refill for a specific price.

What you can do, is bring an empty propane tank and exchange it for a full, fresh, and cleaned Blue Rhino tank. This still requires you to return home with a different tank, whatsoever.

If you’re eager to do a refill, Walmart sells adapters and hoses with valves from various brands and with different functionalities. Still, you’ll have to do the work yourself as this type of service is not available at Walmart.

Note: As stated on Walmart’s official website the propane tank exchange offer can only be done in person, at a store. It cannot be arranged online or with delivery.

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