How Much Is An Oil Change At Walmart?

An oil change service at Walmart costs differently based on the option (package) you get.

In this guide, I’ll explain all the different oil change packages that Walmart offers so you can get the most accurate estimate.

For the Standard Oil package, you get a conventional (mineral) motor oil change that meets the industry performance standard with a basic level of engine protection.

The Oil for High-Mileage is for cars with more than 75.000 miles on the dashboard.

You get an oil that protects against leaks and excessive burn, and helps extend the life of your engine.

The Semi-Synthetic Oil package is suitable for newer cars.

This type of oil provides better engine wear protection than conventional (mineral) oil.

For the Fully-Synthetic Oil package, you get the regular synthetic oil change, with added special additives to maximize the performance and health of your engine.

This type of oil provides the highest level of engine protection.

Moreover, Walmart has a deal known as the “Pit Crew” bundle, which includes up to five quarts of regular oil, a replacement oil filter, and lubrication for the car’s frame (if required).

Choosing this package will also get you a free car battery performance check and a tire pressure check & fill service.

You can always check the most accurate prices on Walmart’s own Auto Care Center page.


If your vehicle requires a non-featured oil, there may be additional charges on top of the regular price. This can also apply for some vehicle types, likely based on how difficult it is to perform the oil change.

Also, Walmart reminds customers that prices may vary based on the location.

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