Does Walmart Make Keys?


Yes, you can purchase keys at Walmart and many stores also allow you to copy and cut the keys via a MinuteKey kiosk located in many, but not all, Walmart stores.

It’s easy to copy a key at Walmart or to cut your own key there. You just have to visit a MinuteKey kiosk and follow the instructions there.

Remember that not all Walmart stores offer key copying.

The price you will pay varies but you can expect to pay about $3 to $8 per key if the key is purchased from Walmart.


You may not be able to copy keys that are too technical. The MinuteKey kiosk will refuse to duplicate them.

You can also not copy keys that are not meant to be copied like for example keys to restricted properties, public institutions, schools, and places with high security.

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How To Duplicate A Key At Walmart

  1. Visit the MinuteKey kiosk locator and select one.
  2. Note that the services offered by a kiosk vary. Some only allow key copying while others also allow key fob copying and car key copying.
  3. Visit the kiosk and follow the instructions.
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